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All Junior Achievement (JA) Programs have strong ties to the Alberta curriculum and will provide your learner with financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship training. When you select a program from the options below, you will be re-routed to our national website where you will be required to register with a username and password.

Becoming a responsible adult is hard… unless you start preparing early.

Finishing school, making sense of money, finding a dream career, discovering your unique strengths, taking calculated risks, and starting a business are critical to making a meaningful impact in the world and helping to build a bright future for yourself, your family, and your community.

Junior Achievement walks alongside students of every kind, equipping them today with critical life tools they will need to succeed and thrive as global citizens tomorrow. Our innovative programs jumpstart tens of thousands of students in Alberta each year to live a life they love.

JA isn’t simply a program that teaches about business, but most importantly, it teaches us about who we are.

Martin L.


JA turned complete strangers into lifelong friends. One of the greatest experiences ever.

Noah Y.


JA has given me the drive, passion and ambition to be that change that I wish to see in the world.

Noor R.


What you are today is a person who can become tomorrow’s greatest leader. JA is the stepping stone. It is you that must take the first step.

Jonathan P.