2020 Nomination Package

The Alberta Business Hall of Fame celebrates the lifetime accomplishments of Alberta’s most distinguished business leaders. We invite you to honour an individual who you feel is deserving of recognition as an inductee.

Nomination Partner

Nomination Criteria

The Alberta Business Hall of Fame honours the outstanding lifetime contributions of Alberta business leaders to the economic growth and development of our nation, and in so doing, provides role models to enterprising young Albertans for generations to come.

The inductees’ entrepreneurial and management skills, vision, determination, and perseverance have helped to shape Northern Alberta and Canada. The jobs they have created and the products and services they have developed play a significant role in maintaining our high standard of living. As leaders and mentors, the Inductees have earned the respect of their peers for their integrity and sound business ethics.

All nominees must have demonstrated national business involvement and attained senior status in the enterprise in which they gained prominence.

Please contact Rochelle Gilmour to submit Nominations for the 2021 Alberta Business Hall of Fame