Ralph Hutchinson

2024 Northern Alberta Business Hall of Fame Inductees

Ralph Hutchinson founded Daytona Homes over 30 years ago, and today is responsible for the leadership and governance of Hutchinson Family Holdings.

50 years ago, in April of 1969, after graduating from the University of Alberta, Ralph joined Cardinal Homes in Guelph, Ontario. Since then, his career has involved all facets of housing and land development. A consummate family man, salesman, marketer, entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist, Ralph thrives on the relationships that have been instrumental in the growth and success of Tacada, from the small startup in 1993 to today’s significant influence in Western Canada’s shelter industry.

He believes the integrity of a win-win relationship with Tacada’s customers is integral to all of Tacada’s business entities. Ralph continues to mentor and coach, while serving as Chairman of Tacada.