Be Entrepreneurial

The “Be Entrepreneurial” program teaches that owning an entrepreneurial venture can start in high school. All it takes is recognizing the talent and practices used by successful entrepreneurs and role models. Encouraging the next generation to think about being their own boss and running a venture is easy when all the tools and information are being taught by industry leaders.

Building a dream

It takes one idea to start a company, and identifying your competitive advantage doesn’t hurt either. Preparing for the unexpected, knowing how to overcome adversity and the basics of finance, marketing and management allow tomorrows leaders to begin planning their companies now.

  • What to expect: Searching out and recognizing what an entrepreneur is.
  • Creating a competitive advantage for a product/ service.
  • Establishment of core values and writing a mission statement.
  • Motivation – intrinsic and external.

Program Details:

Level: Grades 10-12

Commitment: 2-3 hours

Program Format: Teacher-led

Languages: English & French

Curriculum Links: 
Leadership, Management, Marketing, Finance, CALM, CTS

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