Celebrating 50 Years

Carlee Hurl – Long-time teacher

Carlee Hurl is currently a grade 5 teacher, as well as a senator for the Edmonton Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycee). She has been a long-time teacher with JA. Here is her story:

As an active member of  Jaycee, I was involved with judging the year end Company Program awards. Through this, I was able to see Junior Achievement in action. I was really impressed with what I saw. Through my Jaycee involvement I realized what a valuable program JA was. As an elementary teacher, I was more than happy to open my classroom to volunteers to share the Business Basics program (grade 5) with my students. It is a program I look forward to each year, as I enjoying watching the involvement of my students. They look forward to our volunteer coming in each week. In years no volunteer has been available, I have received the materials and taught the students myself. They really get engaged.
Thanks Junior Achievement for the continued opportunity to enrich and engage my students!