Celebrating 50 Years

Chris Rechner – Company Program Alumni

Chris works at Alberta Motor Association (AMA), and was a student in our Company Program in the 1980’s when he was in high school. Here is his story:

As a grade ten student with stars in my eyes, I had plenty of get rich quick ideas, but (other than playing lemonade stand on my Apple II computer) I didn’t have much real world experience. I joined JA with a few friends and we created a solo, handheld ping pong game called ‘Gnip Gnop’. We were a big hit during the holidays at Red Deer’s Bower Mall. After all our hard work cutting and painting boards, gluing doweling, building tiny nets, it felt good to demo the toy for the zombie-like last minute shoppers (otherwise known as ‘dads’). We learned about product design, pricing, budgets and marketing. We learned to work as a team and find ways to utilize our individual strengths.