What is the JA Company Program?

A chance for junior high and high school students (Grades 8 – 12) to gain knowledge on how to run a business, by creating a company of their own! They are placed in a group with 10-16 other students from across the city, elect an executive team, develop a product and take it to the market with the help of business advisers!

Do you want to be a Doctor? Lawyer? Engineer? Teacher? Business Person? You will gain skills that can be used in any career! This program is open to anyone, not only students interested in business!

What’s in it for you?

  • Over $25,000 in scholarships!
  • Earn credits towards your High School diploma!
  • Life long friendships and memories!
  • Gain valuable leadership, networking and public speaking skills!
  • Learn the frameworks of a business and the skills needed in departments such as: Human Resources, Information Technology, Production, Marketing and Finance!
  • Opportunities to attend prestigious events such as the Alberta Business Hall of Fame Gala and Local & Worldwide conferences!
  • A great resume addition!

When is it?

The JA Company Program is an after-school program that starts during the first week of February and runs until June. You can select which night you want to come on (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) and that will be your night for the rest of the program. It runs from 6PM to 9PM each night.

Where is it?

Student Companies will be hosted at various, convenient locations around the city and province.  Please contact Morgan Zinck for information on a location near you!

Is there a cost?

There is no cost! However, you will be asked to make an investment of $10 to purchase a share in your company – this creates your company’s capital- which is business lingo for start-up money.

This money will be returned to you at the end of the program by cheque with your company’s dividends and also any salaries/wages if accrued. Yes, that’s right! You get paid by your company for being there!