Week 4 – Feb 18, 2019

Product Submission Status

The products that were submitted last week will either have an approved, tentatively approved, or denied status. If the product was approved, the company is now able to buy raw materials to create the first batch of products.

DO NOT buy all the materials that you will need throughout the year as JA staff expects improvements to be made to the product throughout the term.

If your submission status is tentative or denied, you have received feedback via email that will help guide your company.

Advertisement – Logo, Labels, Banners

Marketing Guidelines 2019
Use this link to help answer any questions you may have.

The company can now start to design a logo, labels, and a banner. A JA staff member (Morgan) must approve all materials. Anything that is printed without approval will not be allowed.


Logos & Labels – Remember that the company name includes “A JA Company” or “A Junior Achievement Company” after it – ergo it is also needed on your logo if you choose to use your name in the logo.
There’s a difference between a logo and a label. A logo represents your company, like how Apple’s logo is an apple, whereas a label is what you will use to promote/package your product (think of how they package their MacBook)!

For the labels, the Junior Achievement logo must be included no matter what! JA logos have been posted under resources on the website. The company MUST use one of those in all of your promotional material. You cannot change or reformat the logo in any way. Before sending your logos & labels to print, you MUST get approval from a JA staff member (Morgan). If any promotional material is printed before having it approved, the company will not be permitted to use it.

Buying Shares

This week students should be buying a share in their company. Each company member must buy one $10.00 share. Each member can only buy ONE share. Advisors are not permitted to purchase shares.

Share certificates can be found under the resources page on the website.


It’s election week! See information in week 3 if you need further details.

Please send a list of the executive team and final team members to Morgan at this is crucial for us to track the number of registered achievers.

Training for each executive position is found in the resource portal – note there is no Executive Orientation this year, so you are expected to complete the training online.

Find information for high school credits here: 


Week 3 – Feb 11, 2019

Product Submission

The product submission form will be available this Friday, February 15th at noon.  Early submissions WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Do not submit your product submissions before noon!

Remember products are reviewed in the order which they are submitted. If two companies submit similar products, the first company to submit will be accepted (provided it follows the rules).

 You will receive an email letting you know if your product is approved or not before 6pm on Tuesday Feb. 19th.  DO NOT use a school email asking us to respond to you, because it may not be delivered due to the spam/junk settings.  If your advisor gives you permission, it may be best to use their email.


DO NOT purchase any materials, start producing products etc. until you have an email from us stating that you are approved.


Break Even Point Analysis

If you need help calculating your break-even point as practice before you begin producing, there is an Excel spreadsheet available under the Resources tab! You can take this into account before the final decision on your product.




Executive Elections will be held NEXT WEEK. Your company will decide on an elections process to determine your executive team – whether it be via secret ballot, interviews, etc. Restrictions on who can run are only placed on the President position. Every other position is open for all students. We highly encourage all students to run for at least one position regardless of experience and age. The formal Executive Team includes the following positions:

-President – Must be a returning achiever, if there are returning achievers in a company fit to be president.

*In the absence of a returning achiever in the after school program, any student can be president other than a grade 9 student. In every program, If there is only one returning achiever, a new student can contest the running.

-VP Finance

-VP Marketing

-VP Production

-VP Human Resources

-VP Technology

-VP Sales


OPTIONAL (No awards/scholarships for these positions)
-VP of Corporate Social Responsibility

-VP Environment

Your company can also assign assistants to the respective departments.


Advisors – please submit a list of the executives elected on elections night with first name, last name and email address of each student.



Week 2 – Feb 5, 2019


The product submission form has been left open to help you when considering what to submit.  DO NOT submit early, as the form will change, and your submission will not be accepted.  This is to help you prepare only!  If you would like feedback/suggestions/etc on your current ideas, please reach out to Morgan or Nilou.

This week you should begin to narrow down your product ideas so that they are easily decided upon next week in preparation for product approval.

Company Program Coordinator

We are pleased to welcome Nilou to the Company Program team!  She is available during meeting hours on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, via phone or email: to help with anything you may need.

Environmental Grant

The Alberta Emerald Foundation is giving away grants to help engage students in environmental initiatives. If your company aims to be environmentally friendly, you could get a grant of up to $500! To qualify for this grant your product, production process, or company initiatives must be environmentally friendly.

For more information click here!

Companies are responsible for submitting their own application to the Alberta Emerald Foundation. There are a limited amount of grants available, so be sure to apply next week once you have decided on your product and have received product approval.


Outside of company hours, you may research the executive roles (descriptions found in the resource portal) and decide if you want to pursue one of these positions.

To run for President, you should be a returning Achiever.  If your company does not have a returning Achiever who wants to be President, then you should be in grades 10, 11 or 12.  If your company cannot fulfill these requirements, have your advisors contact Morgan or Nilou (

Make sure to check out the new Scholarships page for information on local and national awards.



Week 1 – Jan 28, 2019

Welcome to JA Company Program!

Welcome to the Junior Achievement Company Program! We are so happy you decided to sign up for JA, whether it’s your first year or if you’re returning!

Every student registered in the Company Program will be given a Parent Consent form and the Policies and Procedures. You may also find these attachments under the Resources tab.  The consent form has also been emailed to your parents.

The Parent Consent form must be signed by your parents and returned by Week 3.  Please don’t forget, as you will not be eligible to participate without this form.

This week you will meet your company and advisors, start brainstorming products, and prepare for market research. Come ready to share and develop your ideas!

The Market Research Questionnaire and Product Research Questionnaire are now available, your advisors will also provide you with sheets from the Resource Portal to help you determine your product.

Over the next 18 weeks, you will be using the Resource Portal.  You can create a free account at

Have fun!