Diane Kyle-Buchanan is a life long Edmontonian. She is a business leader, community organizer and philanthropist with a diverse professional portfolio and a strong sense of community. She has worked in the real estate industry, as a broker, developer, and proprietor for more than 40 years.  She is a former real estate agent that owned several real estate brokerages and has developed several real estate properties including the Union Bank Inn, a 4-star hotel in downtown Edmonton. She is the former CEO of Advanced Panel Products Ltd. and currently, the CEO of Yorkshire Equities as well as a member of the board of directors on several private and publicly traded companies. In 1997, Diane was recognized as a Global Woman of Vision, a recognition given to those individuals who demonstrate a strong vision and leadership.   

 Diane is the Chair of the Gordon and Diane Buchanan Family Foundation. Since its inception the Foundation has donated more than $16 million to many charitable causes in many different sectors including health care, sports, the arts and our 4-legged friends, just to name a few! She was the founder and developer of the Buchanan Centre, a world-class wellness centre for Albertans impacted by Parkinson’s disease. She continues to lead the development of an endowment fund to ensure the Centre’s sustainability.  She has also been an active Rotarian for many years and was awarded the Integrity Award, Paul Harris Award and an Honorary Membership which is the highest distinction that a Rotary Club may bestow.  She is a former member of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation Board, a founding member of the Lois Hole Hospital Women’s Society, and a volunteer/event organizer for the Edmonton Humane Society.  Diane’s community leadership was recognized in 2019 by being named to the City of Edmonton Hall of Fame.  

Recently, Diane developed and opened a free family planning clinic in the heart of downtown Edmonton.  The clinic serves Edmonton’s most vulnerable and impoverished women as well as newcomers to Canada.  

Through the generosity of the Foundation, the Edmonton Humane Society procured a Mobile Surgical Unit and in September 2021, the mobile unit will begin to provide spaying and neutering of animals for anyone who is unable to afford a veterinarian or the elderly who may not have easy access a veterinarian.  The fiscal requirements of the Mobile Surgical Unit will be supported by Diane and her team at a biannual public fundraising event with all funds raised being matched by the Gordon and Diane Buchanan Family Foundation.   

Most recently Diane has been honoured by the Canadian Military Forces and is the first women Honorary Lieutenant Colonel since 1895.  This will take her to Latvia to observe and learn.  She is looking forward to working with the 1 Military Police Regiment and the military families in Western Canada. 

From gravel pits to software, she has a diverse business background and continues to evolve and be part of the Edmonton Business and Philanthropic community… and beyond.