Celebrating 50 Years

Joanne Bendle – Second Generation Volunteer

Joanne works at Canadian Western Bank, and is a second generation volunteer for Junior Achievement, following in the footsteps of her mother. Here is her story:

I have been employed with Canadian Western Bank for the last year. In this time I have volunteered approximately four times teaching the grade 9 program, Economics for Success. Not only do I volunteer with the non for profit company, but during my junior high career I was fortunate enough to participate in the grades 7, 8, and 9 programs, which I still remember to this day. As a student it was a day or a few days that I didn’t have to worry about the usual stress associated with a normal school day. It was a day to spend time interacting with my peers, in addition to learning some business, money management, and diversity skills that are still relevant to me eight years later. Contrastingly, as a JA volunteer I now get to help facilitate the learning environment allowing students to broaden their knowledge base about the business community and their role in it, but with a different perspective. Not only do I teach these young students, but they teach me something new with every program I teach. The Junior Achievement company is a fantastic way to spread financial literacy to students, exposing them to the concepts early and continuously over their educational careers.