Lekan Oladokun: A JA Story.

Lekan Oladokun has accumulated an impressive background in finance and business administration, and he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Junior Achievement classes he teaches. In 2008, he received a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta. After his graduation, he gained business experience by working for several organizations such as TD Waterhouse, HSBC Commercial Banking, and Covenant Health. In 2013, he returned to the University of Alberta to pursue an MBA with areas of specialization in strategy, energy markets, and finance. Over the course of his two-year degree, he received four awards, including the MBA Outstanding Student Award. In his final year, he served as President of the MBA Association, which represents about 500 MBA candidates. Lekan recently joined Deloitte Canada as a senior associate in the Financial Advisory department.

Lekan first heard of Junior Achievement through his former employer HSBC, a financial sponsor of JA. He signed up to volunteer with JA in 2012 because he fully endorsed the financial literacy education the organization offered to young people. Growing up in Nigeria, Lekan did not have the opportunity to study financial matters in the schools he attended and had to learn about budgeting through personal experience. Since he had now acquired the knowledge and experience, Lekan wanted to contribute to students’ financial education so they would not have to learn the hard way how to budget for their future.

For the past three years, Lekan has volunteered to teach a number of JA school programs. This year, he taught three programs including the Grade 9 course “Economics for Success,” and the Grade 7 course “Diversity in Action.” He finds the “Economics for Success” program especially applicable to students’ lives because it encourages them to plan ahead and think about what their financial life will be like when they are living on their own.

In his spare time, Lekan particularly enjoys going on road trips and getting some fresh air. For his last trip from Houston, Texas to Edmonton, Google Maps indicated that the driving time would be a mere 36 hours. However, Lekan opted for a more leisurely six-day journey so he could take in the sights. He stopped at major cities like Albuquerque, New Mexico, visited the Grand Canyon, and drove through the desert environment of Nevada and the mountainous regions of Washington State. He also likes to relax by listening to music; he has wide-ranging musical tastes from country to hip hop to music from the seventies. Lekan devotes a considerable amount of time to keeping up with the latest in technology; he is especially interested in what is going on in the world of computers and cars.

Junior Achievement offers educational programming that Lekan believes in, and he is pleased and proud to be associated with the organization. He is well aware that the important work of JA depends on volunteers, and so he is an active ambassador for the organization. Whenever he can, Lekan reaches out to others who might be a good fit for the organization, and when colleagues express interest in volunteering, he introduces them to his local JA coordinator. Lekan values the work that Junior Achievement does, and he hopes the organization continues to thrive and expand for the next 50 years.