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JA Video Testimonial Contest

Contest details:
– Share your Junior Achievement experience. Tell us why you love JA, how you or others benefit from our programs, why people should get involved, and so forth.
– Up to 60 second-video shot however you wish. Selfie or regular video mode.
– Optional: nominate someone who is also involved in JA, and if they submit their own video testimonial, you will receive an extra entry into our prize draw.
– Email your video to Samantha at through by February 6th. Please include your full name and phone number, as well as the full name of your nomination(s), in your message. In addition, feel free to upload your video to your Facebook page, tagging us @JANorthernAlberta as well as your nominations.

Check out our first video testimonial from our Company Program student, Minoo.

We can’t wait to watch your video!

*Please note, by entering this contest, you give JA permission to upload your video to our YouTube page and to share your video for promotional purposes.