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New Partnership Announcement: Junior Achievement Is Proud to Partner with AIMCo

With the end of the school year drawing near, Junior Achievement would like to take a moment to celebrate our successful partnership with Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo), who helped us run a new program this year – the Grade 7, Diversity in Action program. This year was an extremely successful start for the program, and would not have been possible without AIMCo’s invaluable support.

AIMCo is a core sponsor for the Diversity in Action program, which teaches Grade 7 students how diversity benefits our community and our workplace. Thanks to AIMCo’s support, nearly 3000 students in 98 classes across northern Alberta are now able to better define the meaning of diversity, and also recognize how it enriches the workplace.

We are also thrilled that AIMCo was able to take part in Financial Literacy Week this year, and help us run 7 Diversity in Action classes on April 30th, 2014. Fourteen volunteers from AIMCo took part and reached more than 200 students. Their volunteers were a true pleasure to work with, and the feedback from teachers and students who participated in AIMCo’s classes was overwhelmingly positive.

AIMCo takes pride in its’ culture’s diversity and inclusion, and therefor understands the importance of teaching students these same values for when they enter the workforce. Junior Achievement is thankful to have a partner for this program who truly lives the values that they are teaching.

Junior Achievement could not be more delighted with and grateful for the varying forms of support that AIMCo has provided us during this past year. Not only have they made the expansion of the Diversity in Action program possible with their $50,000 sponsorship, they have also been a constant positive presence throughout the year. We are thrilled that the Diversity in Action program had such a strong start this year, and we look forward to working with AIMCo during the next year to grow the reach of the program, and impact even more students.