Our Community: Needs, Jobs & Tools

Through “Needs, Jobs & Tools”, students explore how their needs and wants are met through various jobs in the community, as well as learning about important tools used in various occupations. A hands-on exploration of the money circle links how jobs and tools meet our needs.



Start Early

Our Community: Needs, Jobs & Tools gives students a first-hand look at how they can become better prepared for business and make a positive impact in their community.

Building Blocks

Give students the building blocks of a successful career, right in the classroom. Students actively define the cornerstones of a strong society and learn about their role in its growth and prosperity.

What to expect:

  • Practice interviewing people with job experience
  • Role-play and imitate the characteristics of different jobs
  • Complete the cycle of earning and spending
  • Create a mural to illustrate and describe tools in the workplace

Program Details:

Level: Grade 3

Commitment: Half Day

Program Code: Teacher-led

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