2019 Employee Handbook Template
Downloadable template for Employee Handbook Assignment

2019 Parent Consent Form

Every student registered in the Company Program needs to download the Parent Consent Form have it signed by their parents due by Week 3! If this is not completed, you are no longer eligible to participate in the program! Email to or hand in directly to your advisors.

Policies & Procedures

All students in the program must download and read the JA Policies & Procedures.

2019 Prohibited Products

Refer to this list when considering product ideas. If your product is on the prohibited list or does not follow the rules, it may be rejected.

2019 Company Program Calendar

 Company Photo Guidelines

Please refer to this guide when taking company photos.

 2019 Logos

Download all approved logos to be used in company labels, websites, business cards, and others. Only these versions are to be used. Do not modify the colors, dimensions or any other element of the JA logo in any way.


Award Application Rubric

Guide for assessing CP Award applications

Criteria and Checklist for the Shareholder’s Report


High School Credit Information

Students participating in Company Program are eligible to receive High School credits.  Click HERE for information on how to receive these credits.  For students attending Edmonton Catholic School District schools, please contact Morgan and she will direct you appropriately.


Extra Resources

Share Certificates 

Please fill out these certificates with the appropriate information after purchasing shares.

Production Training

Finance Training

Human Resources Training

Marketing Training 

IT Training

President Training

President PDF of PowerPoint was edited slightly as well as some additional information has been provided.

Company Program Bylaws

An examples of the bylaws used at Executive Orientation.

Beginning Calculation Sheets

Use this Excel spreadsheet to help you calculate your cost and break-even point.

Market Research Questionnaire & Production Cost Research

Use this sample market research and production cost questionnaires to get information about the potential sales and cost of your product. You can customize it and create your own.

Square Information and Guidelines

Resource Portal Documents Tutorial