Company Program

Do you want to be a business leader or entrepreneur? Even if you’re interested in medicine or engineering, Company Program gives you skills and confidence that will help you suceed in any career!


No one needs to tell you that JA programs are beneficial because you know first-hand. Connect with us so you can help us impact the next generation of JA students.

Company Program Students

You’ve got a role to play here – and JA wants to help you nail down the part.

We ask volunteers to come into your classroom and talk about important “real world” issues. The programs each volunteer uses are specifically designed to help you begin preparing for a successful future – and to understand that there is no limit to your potential. Junior Achievement’s Company Program is the ultimate training ground for young entrepreneurs from grades 8 to 12.

Work with other students to learn about running a business – from forming a company to developing marketing campaigns, to deciding how to distribute dividends – you will have the opportunity to try it all!


  • Learn real-world business skills
  • Jump-start your resume
  • Plan your future
  • Make new friends