Success Skills

What are the success skills it take to be prosperous in today’s rapidly changing work environment? Posed to high school students, this question is answered through peer learning and examines what different skill sets are required to be successful in the workforce.

*UPDATE COMING – Mental health/wellbeing modules being added.*

Being successful takes work

This course introduces youth to the various success skills that are required in the workforce and how to link what they are learning in school to their every-day lives. As workplaces become more diverse, students need to develop interpersonal and collaborative tools that ensure that they can handle, and even thrive in their careers after high school.

Online marketing and social media presence

The high degree of technology integration within everyday life also leads to a valuable session about having a social media presence and what repercussions it may have, and how the development of a lifelong learning strategy will benefit students in the long run.

What to expect in this multiple visit program:

  • Identifying various skill sets that lead to success in the workforce.
  • How communication, collaboration, and interpersonal relations contribute to high functioning teams.
  • How to identify/discuss/ and resolve workplace conflict.
  • Discuss case studies using both creative and critical thinking skills.
  • How social media and technology impact future job success.
  • Why learning doesn’t stop after school finishes?

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Program Details:

Level: Grades 10-12

Commitment: 3-4 hours

Program Format: Teacher-led or volunteer-led

Languages: English & French

Curriculum Links: 
Leadership, Management, CALM, CTS

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