Tech-based Company Program

Thank you for expressing an interest in our tech-focused version of Company Program.

Traditional and disruptive technologies are a part of every day life and will undoubtedly play a role in your future career.  As such, JA wants to promote Achievers to think beyond the production of a physical product.  We are interested in having a tech-enabled company explore apps, virtual reality, website development, or any other tech-oriented concept.  With the support from local entrepreneurs and businesses that focus on the tech industry, as well as the success gleaned by JA Sweden in their tech pilots, we hope to develop a meaningful program where you and future Achievers can push your boundaries and open your minds to non-traditional student companies.

Being a pilot, there are uncertainties to the outcome of the program, particularly whether this tech product or service can be sold to make money.  If you are interested in participating in this pilot-project, be aware that you and your student colleague may not make any money.  You will, however, have the opportunity to learn from some of the city’s most impressive tech gurus in a setting that is both inspiring and one of a kind.  The tech-based company will be hosted out of the IT innovation company, CompuVision (101, 15511-123 Ave NW).

We are limiting this opportunity to individuals who have already taken CP so they come with some knowledge of and experience with the program.