Return on Investment

Benefits to Funding Partners who provide both volunteers and funding:

Enhanced Employee Retention and Relations

Studies show that employees working for companies supporting philanthropic causes feel a strong sense of loyalty to the company. Employees further develop critical interpersonal skills, including facilitation, presentation, giving feedback, teamwork and leadership skills. Employees obtain personal satisfaction of helping young people succeed.

Public Exposure

All funding partners will be listed in quarterly and annual JA publications and online areas 

Community Image

Studies show that consumers have a more positive image of companies aligned with a cause. JA’s image is clean, positive, inspirational and appealing. We represent children and their future; we represent the reinstatement of hopes and dreams for tomorrow for today’s students.

Our history of success in business and education has solidified our position as the number one delivery channel for business education programs in the world. Through your support of JA, you will realize a positive association with an organization that is recognized as the expert in economics, business and free enterprise education.

Personal Satisfaction

By supporting JA, you are helping local children to be better educated about how the real world works and to be inspired to become productive citizens in our community. 


  • JA screens and trains all employees who volunteer to deliver JA programs (if applicable).
  • JA provides all educational materials.
  • JA prepares an information sheet for parents reviewing program learning objectives and highlighting the role of the funding partner. Parents of students will learn about the objectives of the JA program and why the company or individual was the sponsor of the program.
  • Funding partner may select Junior Achievement program of interest to them.
  • Funding partner may select registered schools that may be located within a demographic that may be of interest to them.
  • Funding partner may highlight JA sponsorships in their internal publications and website.
  • JA will make a year-end report to the funding partner outlining how their funding was used and the impact of their support.