Imagine the Potential Each of Us Has When Someone Takes the Time to Invest in Our Future

JA Volunteers are Inspiring

They come from a variety of backgrounds and share one common goal: to educate students and inspire them to achieve their highest potential. Our volunteers come from the business community, either individually or through their organizations and generously donate their time to help prepare Canadian youth for the future.

Our volunteers’ goal is to educate students and inspire them to achieve their highest potential.

Why Volunteer with JA?

In addition to positively impacting and inspiring young people, volunteering with JA is a professional development opportunity where your leadership, mentorship and public speaking skills are utilized. JA provides the program materials, training and support to make your experience fun, meaningful and easy to deliver.

Our volunteers constantly tell us that teaching JA programs is an incredibly rewarding experience.

In The Classroom With JA Volunteers

Volunteers go into hundreds of classrooms every year to deliver JA programs and support the future of southern Alberta youth. We have both independent volunteers and corporate teams who donate their time and expertise. With so many classrooms to fill and a growing demand, we couldn’t be more thankful for our volunteers. Thanks to you, we’re improving the lives of these youth and making a dramatic impact on future sustainability.




We at Junior Achievement are dedicated to providing a positive, enriching learning experience free of bias that promotes greater economic opportunity and equity. Junior Achievement welcomes K-12 students, volunteers, educators, staff, and other partners and stakeholders, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or any other legally protected characteristic.