Teacher FAQ’s

What is my time commitment?

At JA, we know how hard teachers work, so we strive to make your life easier. Our interactive, educational programs your students. In-person elementary and middle school programs typically take place over the course of one morning. Online programs are between 90-120 minutes long.


How much preparation time is required?

Prep time is minimal. After you have registered for a program, staff from our JA office will connect with you several times before the delivery date by phone and/or email. We will answer any questions you may have and give you a clear overview of the program delivery.


What support will I receive?

We are here for you anytime. Please contact programs@janorthalberta.org for additional support.


What is Junior Achievement (JA)?

JA is the largest youth education organization in Canada, focusing on entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness. In partnership with educators, volunteers and businesses, we help youth expand their potential, engage in their own economic development and contribute to the strength of their community and Canada’s economy.


What age group does JA target?

JA Northern Alberta offers in-school and after-school programs virtually and in-person for grades 3-12. Check out our available programs here.


What kind of lessons and activities are in each program?

JA programs are all about experiential learning. Our volunteers use a mix of hands-on activities, discussions and digital learning to engage students. They bring their personal and professional experiences into classrooms and after-school programs to help students connect concepts with real-life situations.


What skills will the students learn?

JA programs help students develop confidence, leadership and critical thinking skills in these three areas:

  1. Financial Literacy – JA students save more and borrow less than the average Canadian. Students learn how to create and manage wealth. They develop real-world skills that they can apply to their lives immediately, like setting a budget and establishing financial goals.
  2. Work Readiness – JA inspires students to stay in school and prepares them to succeed in the workforce. Students learn how to translate their interests and skills into successful careers, and develop practical job skills like interviewing, communication and critical thinking.
  3. Entrepreneurship – JA graduates are 50% more likely to open a business. Students are encouraged to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit by experiencing the full lifecycle of a business. Many business leaders cite JA’s Company Program as the catalyst that gave them the ambition to launch their own enterprise and the skills to do so successfully.


Are there registration deadlines?

Booking JA into your classroom can happen all year round. We recommend registering your class a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the desired delivery date. To make sure you get the program(s) you want, we strongly recommend that you register in June during early bird registration.


Are JA programs offered free to schools? How can you do this?

Yes, all of our programs are free of charge to schools. As a not-for-profit organization, JA receives donations from community-minded individuals and corporations. You can read our impact report here.


Who are the JA volunteers?

Our volunteers come from many different sectors including energy, insurance, tourism, retail and the tech industry to name a few. They are executives, managers, marketing/communication professionals, sales people, small business owners, customer service representatives, human resource managers, post-secondary students, consultants, retirees… the list goes on!

No matter their professional background, all volunteers share one common goal: to educate students and inspire them to achieve their highest potential.


Do volunteers receive training?

All volunteers participate in program training. Training includes a review of the lessons and activities of the program, as well as some teaching tips and classroom management guidelines. JA volunteers have a range of experience levels in the classroom and with different programs.


What is the teacher’s role?

We ask that teachers provide an enthusiastic and supportive environment for their volunteer(s). You can support your volunteer by assisting them with activities if needed, and by maintaining a classroom conducive to learning. Feel free to inform the volunteer of any behavioral or learning challenges, and give your volunteer an overview of your class’s dynamic and how to best engage your students.


May I select my own volunteer for the JA program?

Absolutely! Many teachers have great success involving parents, friends or relatives as volunteers in their classroom.


How can JA assist me in teaching my curriculum?

JA programs enhance your existing curriculum! We offer a range of programs created in partnership with curriculum developers from Canadian school boards. If you would like to view curriculum links for the program of your choice, please contact us.


What materials will the volunteer use in the classroom?

JA provides all of the program materials needed. The program kit for each class contains a step-by-step Inspiration Guide for volunteers, a Preparation Portfolio for each student and the remaining materials for a hands-on learning experience.